Who Am I? #03 – Cat People

by DJ Hotsauce on November 7, 2011 in Who am I? Interview Series

For this weeks featured artist on our new Who Am I? Interview series we have a up & coming production & dj duo based in Munich, Germany. I discovered they’re music over the past year or so and have been following they’re work more closely since being back in Munich. But all the details now directly from the guys:

Who are you and what do you do?
We are Jaecki Zucker and Danny Zaster. We produce and dj under the moniker Cat People or CPG9L (Cat People Got 9 Lives).

 How did you start doing what you do?
We both started playing records and a little bit of what you maybe could call producing pretty early. Danny in Bavaria, me in Berlin. Just doing mash ups and edits for our DJ sets. At some point it all improved a little, Danny released a couple of Dubstep tunes and I was into producing underground Tropical House. At some point we’ve both been bored by what we did and decided to try to merge powers with Cat People. That worked out pretty good and now we both live in Munich and do what we do.

Name 3 tracks that inspired you.
Danny Zaster:
Wiley – Sidewinder
Digital Mystikz – Lean Forward
Randomer – Brunk

Jaecki Zucker, artists that inspire me right now:
Marcel Dettmann

Tomorrow it might be different.

What would be your advice to up and coming creatives?
Well, it’s a played out phrase, but: Be original.

What is your favorite piece of gear?

What can we expect next from you?
There is a couple of remixes for cool guys dropping pretty soon. And we also working on releasing a 12″ on our own. Something like a EP. But that turns out to be a little more work than expected. Everybody who’s interested can like us on Facebook and stay in the loop: www.facebook.com/cpg9l. We also do DJ sets for the german radio station EgoFM every now and then and play at a biweekly videostream night called Fundament Sessions: www.fundamentsessions.tumblr.com

The guys also recently dropped a new mix for german label Pink-Pong which you can grab here: soundcloud.com/cpg9l/cat-people-present-pink-tapes. And make sure you check out they’re blog for any news, dope remixes, tracks and edits: www.cpg9l.tumblr.com

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