Who Am I: Sonny Digital

by DJ Hotsauce on November 27, 2014 in Who am I? Interview Series

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Its amazing to see how far hip-hop has come over these 40 plus odd years and its interesting to see its mutations. OG's are frustrated with the post Soulja Boy era of rap music while the new generation eagerly explores the infinite frontiers of the musical phenomenon. Hip-Hop isn't dead its just more accessible by the world, just ask nineties baby hip hop creator Sonny Digital. Sonny Digital is one the most sought after young producers who are skating through the Hip-Hop scene right now. His monster hits like "Racks" and 2 Chainz "Birthday Song" bang at the peak of every dirty south set! We spoke to him about his current state in the game and here is what he had to say.

What do you like most about producing? Being creative. Who are your biggest supporters of what you do? Me, myself, and I. If you weren't a producer, what would be your line of work? I really couldn’t even tell you!  I don’t even know. Who are the people and artists that push and inspire you to create? And are you able to deal with their honesty and criticism? The people that push me are the people that are already at the top, and I would want them to be honest with me. What game sport, board or electronic would you kick some serious ass on. Which celebrity would you call out? Lately I been going crazy on the ping pong table.  I got one at my house.  Not sure who I’d call out on it though.  I heard Polo was good at it, and I heard he likes to bet and I like to bet to. Who do you find yourself competing against in this industry? And who do you admire in this industry? We’re all competing against each other.  It’s kind of like one big silent competition because we all want to be number one.  But I’m not specifically competing with anybody. Who has been the worst to work with? And who do you look forward to working with? Who is that next person we should check for? Ain’t been nobody that's been crazy.  There have been some writers that have done some weird shit.  But I’m looking forward to getting in with Kanye West And Spooky Black if I could Has there been any groupie experience that has been rewarding, weird or scary? There will always be groupie experience.  But I’m not an artist so I’m not on the frontlines to get all that attention. How do you prepare yourself for a project and what is your gear of choice? Usually we do these projects out of the blue.  There’s not a process or routine for how to do this. I use fruity loops. What words of encouragement do you have for up and coming producers? Stay motivated and keep people around you that believe in you and support every move you make. In closing: What's up next for you? Who would you like to shout out? Keep listening, I’m always working on something. Shout out to everybody working! @SonnyDigital on twitter and IG.

5 years Crux Munich Mix

by DJ Hotsauce on November 24, 2014 in Mixtapes


This past Friday the legendary Crux clubs in Munich celebrated it's firth anniversary. For this occasion all of the current resident DJ's got together and created a 120 minute mix for you guys. Included are our own DJ Hotsauce, DJ Silence, Dan Gerous, Not.FX, DJ A-Les & 100BlackDolphins. You can stream and download the mix below.

DJ Jelly, DJ Gutta Down – Mix Monstaz 4

by DJ Jelly on November 13, 2014 in Uncategorized


DJ Jelly & Gutta Down return with their Mix Monsta series and bring you part 4. Stream the entire mix below and download your copy here.

DJ Hotsauce PULS Radio Mix (November)

by DJ Hotsauce on November 9, 2014 in Radio Show


Like every first Saturday of each month I was back on the air for German radio station "Puls" last week. You can now stream my entire 2 hour mix below and tune in live again in December at www.deinpuls.de